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I try not to allow myself to be too disappointed by heterosexuality. Prejudice against the majority is little better than the alternative, yes? And fairly recently, a woman with whom I work whom I like a great deal was kind enough to inquire after the health of my gentleman friend, and I paused for a moment before I had to admit, "Oh dear. I was actually just about to ask you which one." So, being as likely, or more likely than most to fall prey to male charms, I warn that I'm aware that the following sentiment is potentially hypocritical in the extreme. That said: with some frequency, these aethertubes are good at presenting photographs of old friends and lovers, often blissfully yet fairly modestly entwined with their current partners. This is excellent; I like to see how you're all doing. However, I can't help a twinge of disappointment when extremely attractive queer ladies are displayed in the loving (so very loving in fact that both parties simply ooze emotion and pheromones and supplementary emotion) embraces of men. It isn't that they're male, exactly. And perhaps it's simply that men don't tend to photograph very well, or that my preferences of male beauty tend towards a definite type. But the boys with whom they tangle so rarely seem to be attractive, or even interesting. They all look a bit dull in the eyes. I'd honestly like from time to time to stumble upon one of these photographs and be genuinely impressed and happy for them. I'd prefer my response to be, "Oh, honey. Where on earth did you find that marvellous specimen? Excellent work!" as opposed to, "Oh, must you really?"
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