Feb. 5th, 2009

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In case you'd prefer the new Icelandic Saga in Stephen Colbert's words rather than mine, please allow me to direct you to the 2 February episode of the Report.

However, I must protest one error in his usually flawless journalistic integrity. Skyr is delicious. You tell lies, Stephen Colbert, horrible, horrible lies.

If you'd like to try some, Skyr is available in the States; Whole Foods Market has an exclusive contract on a number of Icelandic products. Icelandic butter is also quite good. (I'm of the opinion that Irish butter is much better, but for some reason I don't think it travels as well.) The lamb, obviously, is phenomenal. Perhaps I ought to mention, however, that fish caught in Icelandic waters may not always be as sustainable as those of us who attempt to sell it to you might claim.
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The Second Ultrasound!

I just received this as a text message sent to my mobile. As with last time, there was a bit of screaming.

Apparently every time I do this, several people believe that a horrible, hellish miracle has occurred and I've managed to get pregnant. It most definitively is not mine. It's my sister's; it's been brewing in the opiate-soaked oasis of her womb for approximately six months.

It doesn't look quite so much like a guinea pig this time. I suppose I'll forgive the wee thing eventually. It does have little penguin feet, however. Very good. I've always wanted to start a travelling circus.


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